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Ultra-tuned for an exceptionally smooth taste. Made from 100% locally sourced ingredients, from grain to water to wood. Weighs in at 86 proof. Features a sour-mash bill of 70 points corn, 21 rye and 9 malted-barley. Goldilocks flavor with just the right amount of oak. Perfectly balanced sweet to spice recipe. Smoked caramel and vanilla nose complements a dark cherry finish. Drinkability second to none. Soothing burn and zero chest-bite. If we had to sum it up in one word: Refreshing. Recommended neat, a couple ice cubes at the most. But if you must mix it, well, to each his own.

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Such is the story of the famous shot heard ‘round the world, to those same ends this is the shot drank ‘round the bar. Distilled from the seeds of revolution and crafted by patriots for We the People, a bottle of American Barrels brings a quite literal meaning to a round of whiskey. The name itself is a nod to the two kinds of barrels you can find freedom in: One pours it, the other fires it. All we ask is that you enjoy the one responsibly, and bear the other dutifully. As for the rattler coiled in glass? Let’s just say it typifies the persona of those who tend to drink American Barrels: Vigilant and magnanimous. We take our liberty righteously, so tread carefully. We don’t lay down for nobody. But rest assured, just like a diamondback or the bourbon that fills our cups, we too won’t bite unless you’ve asked for it. So live free or drink something else; a sip of this ain’t for the faint of heart. No this, is for the come and take it, go and get it crowd. Just say when.

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